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The body slot consists of robes, vestments, and items that can be worn on or around the body. Anyone can use a body slot wondrous item unless specified. Subcategories. This category has the following 14 subcategories, out of 14 total. ▻ Slotless magic items ( P). A. ▻ Magic armor (8 P). B. You are able to wear magic items more easily than other creatures of your kind. Benefit: Choose one magic item slot not normally available to creatures with your Pathfinder Player Companion: Animal Archive © , Paizo Publishing. I personally would go with the latter but I hate Christmas tree syndrome. If this would cause a wand or staff to fall below the minimum required caster level , reroll this flaw. Random Magic Weapon Generator Magic Weapon Special Abilities Adaptive Advancing Agile Allying Anarchic Anchoring Answering Axiomatic Bane Beaming Benevolent Bewildering Blood-Hunting Bloodsong Brawling Breaking Brilliant Energy Called Compassionate Concealed Concealed, Lesser Conductive Confounding Conserving Corrosive Corrosive Burst Countering Courageous Cruel Culling Cunning Cyclonic Dancing Dazzling Dazzling Radiance Deadly Debilitating Deceptive Defending Defiant Designating, Greater Designating, Lesser Dispelling Dispelling Burst Disruption Distance Distracting Driving Dry Load Dueling Endless Ammunition Exclusionary Exhausting Fate-Stealing Fervent Flamboyant Flaming Flaming Burst Flying Fortuitous Frost Furious Furyborn Ghost Touch Glamered Glitterwake Glorious Gory Grayflame Grounding Growing Guardian Heart-Piercing Heartseeker Heretical Holy Huntsman Icy Burst Igniting Impact Impervious Injecting Inspired Interfering Invigorating Jurist Keen Ki Focus Ki Intensifying Kinslayer Legbreaker Leveraging Liberating Liberating Lifesurge Limning Lucky Lucky, Greater Menacing Merciful Mighty Cleaving Mimetic Miserable Negating Neutralizing Nimble Shot Nullifying Ominous Patriotic Peaceful Penetrating Phantom Ammunition Phase Locking Planar Prehensile Quaking Quenching Redeemed Reliable Reliable, Greater Repositioning Returning Rusting Sacred Sapping Seaborne Second Chance Seeking Shadowshooting Sharding Shattering Shock Shocking Burst Shrinking Silencing Skewering Slithering Smashing Sneaky Sniping MM Sniping RTT Sniping, Greater Sniping, Improved Sonic Boom Speed Spell Hurling Spell Siphon Spell Stealing Spell Storing Spirit-hunting Stalking Sticky Summon Bane Tailwind Thawing Throwing Thundering Toxic Training Transformative Transformative Greater Treasonous Truthful Umbral Unholy Unseen Valiant Vampiric Vampiric, Greater Veering Vicious Vorpal Wounding. Others covet the item and seek to possess it. A damaged magic item continues to function, but if it is destroyed, all its magical power is lost.

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She also needs a supply of materials, the most obvious being the weapon or the pieces of the weapon to be assembled. The Knowledge arcana and Knowledge history skills might be useful in helping to identify command words or deciphering clues regarding them. I think it would give a character many options for outfitting his animal companion. Magic Weapon Special Abilities. He reappears wearing the robe once more.

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Ahh, didnt know it was debatable. Ioun stone pearly white spindle. Price 4, gp; Aura moderate abjuration; CL 1st; Weight 1 lb. Don't NERF Skills in Pathfinder Instead, Try Using The Rest of The Rules. Standard items can be made unique without changing their mechanics by adding flavorful descriptions or backstories. For these items, just replace the price of the non-magical masterwork item with the cost of the new type of item. pathfinder item slots If you are creating items for other characters in the party, the increased wealth for the other characters should come out of your increased allotment. A creator can create an item at a lower caster level than her own, but never lower than the minimum level needed to cast the needed spell. Pauldrons of the watchful lion. The GM should secretly roll for perks, quirks, and flaws as they occur, rerolling duplicate or contradictory results. Time Required Brewing a potion requires 1 day. Potions, scrolls , staves, and wands refer to various spells as part of their descriptions see Spell Lists for details on these spells.

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How to Play Pathfinder - Part 8 - Magic Items This is a spoiler. She is not able to avert or close her eyes when confronted by a creature with a gaze attack. If the wearer is a summoner, he can call upon the robe to summon his eidolon as a standard action once per day. Strand of prayer beads, lesser. See the detect magic spell description for details. An item is only worth two times what the caster of the lowest possible level can make it for.

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